What Component of Physical Fitness Is Push-Ups

What Component of Physical Fitness Is Push-Ups?

Our physical fitness is wrapped around five components that decide our well-being.

● Cardiovascular Endurance
● Muscular Endurance
● Muscular Strength
● Flexibility
● Body Composition

Performing well in each of the components, mark how physically fit you are. Push-up tests are often used to check muscular strength.

Push-ups might seem such a basic exercise, but it single-handedly engages several muscle groups. They strengthen the muscles of the chest, shoulders, upper back, triceps, and core.

What component of fitness is wall push-ups?

When done right, wall push-ups can strengthen the same muscles as conventional push-ups. Additionally, this is how beginners can start incorporating push-ups into their exercise routine.

Increases Stability

Wall push-ups engage the core muscles the most. A strong core means a stable body. The core muscles co-operate with other muscles in your body to help you stand. Wall push-ups are also easier to do when compared with classic push-ups.

What Component of Fitness Is a 90-Degree Push-Up?

This is an elevated version of the conventional push-ups that primarily target the chest, and glutes, shoulders, lower back, and triceps to an extent. This is an intense level of push-up but tests the upper body strength and endurance.

How to Perform a Push-Up Test?

For Men:

● Before any fitness test, warm up your body with activities.
● Get to the position of push-up resting on your hands and toes. Your hands should remain shoulder-width apart and elbows completely extended.
● Your shoulders, hips, and toes should remain straight. Lower your upper body towards the ground and you will automatically see your elbows form 90 degrees.
● Now come back to the starting position. This will complete one rep.
● The test is to count how many reps you can perform without breaking the form.

For Women:

Women go forward with a modified version of push-ups. They do this with the support of the knees.

● Do a little warmup before that test starts.
● Come to the modified push-up position by resting your hands and knees on the ground. The hands should be shoulder-width apart and elbows as extended as possible.
● Drop your hips and extend the hands forward. The shoulders, hips, and knees should remain straight.
● Lower only the upper body while keeping your knees touched to the ground.
● Come back to the starting position. This completes your one rep.
● Record how many reps you can do without losing the form

For men from age 20-30, 54 or more reps are excellent, and for women 48 or more are enough. If a man of the same age group can only have 20 to 34 reps, it is very poor. Similarly, for women 6 or less is a very poor result.

Practicing only the traditional pushup for long can make your muscles get used to it, hindering any development. Include variations in your exercises.

There are variations categorized under less difficulty and increased difficulty. The beginners can build strength with the easier ones and the advanced trainees can work out in different ways.

The beginners can start with bent-knee push-up, and wall push-up. When someone feels like upgrading their routine, there are challenges they can enjoy. The common variations are stability ball push-up, diamond push-up, push-up lat row, medicine-ball push-up, decline-push-up, and clapping push-up.

To answer how many pushups you should do, fitness trainers advise completing three sets of reps. Incorporate the variations of push-up in your routine to build a robust body.

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