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A pair of fitness apparels for your healthy morning!

Every morning we wake up at our alarm bell intending to exercise. Half asleep, in our loose nightwear, we start exercising half- heartedly. Had it been some classy and trendy workout tops and fitness bottoms, the motivation would have been double, and you would feel fit right on your first move.
Fitness as an ever-evolving discipline has come to cover the complete aspects of physical and mental well-being in a very holistic approach. We all love the results of workouts but making it a routine is difficult to climb up the steep mountain of determination. But did you know that fitness makes your body strong enough to combat lifestyle diseases and fixes your sleep schedule? It can also boost your energy and moods.





Though it seems to be a tedious task and you might need more motivation than the rosy promises of good health. But this was the basic idea behind the conception of Deposit The Work! If you feel good, you look good and, if you look good, you automatically urge yourself to do better and train better. Fitness bottom helps to get your legs exercise better, while a perfect workout top make you feel fit, while you work out. So, a perfect pair of gym apparels are important. And as it is said fitness begins with you, but with Deposit The Work or DTW, you can discover your hidden potential to push yourself to a fitter tomorrow!


We have developed our sensational line of modern fitness training apparels, designed with the latest fashion trends and colours in mind. Keeping comfort as the priority DTW’s line of activewear is made to make you feel confident about your body, increasing your motivation to hit the gym.

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Our collections of men’s and women’s accessories will add the finishing touches to your confident persona and grant you the boon of stylized comfort that will heighten your energy and motivate you to live your best life every day.

The best men’s and women’s fitness apparels collection consists of tanks, shorts, joggers, t-shirts, leggings - all stretchable, breathable, free-size and available in prominent colours and prints. Our bestseller collections boast insanely attractive pieces that will make you look impeccable on your journey to fitness.

Choose from Best Men's Fitness Apparel

Our line of modern fitness and training apparels are designed, with the latest fashion trends and colours in mind. DTW’s line of gym and training apparels are created in a way to make you feel confident about your body, increasing your motivation to hit the gym.

The fitness tops made up of intelligent fabric; our workout clothes with silver ions protect your sweaty body from any bacterial build-up. There are also compression wears that promote circulation and blood flow to the heart, thereby delivering oxygen to the working muscles. It prevents the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, which is a common reason for muscle soreness and fatigue, which leads to a boost in your performance.

Choose from Best Women's Fitness Apparels

Hot Girl Summer is the new fade - and everyone is gearing up to show off their best features in eye-catching clothes! So, how could DTW be left behind? For our fitness enthusiasts, we have the most exciting collection of both men’s and women’s gym apparels, fitness apparels and performance apparels that are designed to bring out the trendsetter in you. Your comfort is our priority, but why should you have to compromise on style? Showcase the results of your workout in our fitness apparels and look like a chic, off-duty model, even if you are hitting the gym or going out to shop for groceries!

What do we offer?

We offer a wide range of sportswear and activewear, ranging from simple tanks and sweats to hoodies and jackets with the most diverse colours and prints that will make you want to wear them beyond your workout sessions. No matter your size, we have the best options for everybody, and we assure you that you will find your perfect fit.

Besides the obvious, our workout apparels are made up of breathable fabrics that keep you cool and dry, even when you are sweating. They do not restrict movement and have a seamless finish that will not irritate your skin. With your body temperature in control and your skin free from strain or injuries, you can concentrate on your workout and attain the state of body and mind you have always craved.

Durable and Environment-Friendly Performance Apparels to SWEAT IT OUT

When you buy workout apparels from us, we guarantee extra durability so that, if you do not give up on yourself, your athletic apparels will not give up on you. We assure you of the ultimate comfort that the clothes designed by our experts will provide you during your workout sessions.

Buy apparels online with home delivery, 24*7 online support and free exchanges to harness the future of health and fitness meant for you.

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Check out our exclusive collections, buy gym apparels, and get ready to stay fit!

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