Do you ever notice how quickly you run out of breath when you exercise? Your heart rate rises and your pulse quickens, showing that your cardiovascular system is active. When you exercise your muscles, they demand three times more oxygen than they do when they are at rest. Your heart begins to beat quicker to deliver oxygenated blood to them. The more you exercise, the more effectively your heart pumps oxygen to your muscles. Meanwhile, your lungs will take in more air, making breathing more difficult.

What Happens to Your Heart When You Exercise?

People who are at risk for heart disease are frequently concerned about their heart’s state. They will not know if their arteries are clogged with fatty plaque that will eventually restrict the flow to the heart until they experience symptoms. The invasive and costly examinations may cause more harm than good. Exercising is the sole approach to reassure and protect your heart from irregularities. Exercising is a preventative measure with both short- and long-term advantages. For 2 to 3 hours, one exercise session can keep your cardiovascular system active. It is the process of conditioning your heart to be flexible for it to withstand rapid shock when the time comes.

But getting your heart accustomed to exhaustive situations requires a certain intensity of exercise. Even if you are in a job that requires you to be on your feet much of the day, that is not enough. The aim is to push your cardiovascular system hard enough so that the metabolic molecular pathways that precondition the heart can be activated. You must engage your body in moderate to vigorous exercises.

Coming to the duration, exercising for 30 minutes a day is the favorable amount for the protection of your health. If that might seem a stretch it is okay to break it up to three 10-minute sessions.

Exercises for your heart that our app suggests

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Standing Oblique Crunch

This is a beginner-friendly exercise with low impact.

● Stand straight and keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Place both of your hands on the back of your head so that the elbows point outwards.

● Try to touch your knees with your elbows. Bend right and bring your right elbow down and right knee up. Now come back to the starting position.

● Repeat the same on the left side. This engages the core muscles on your side.

Speed Skaters

They derived the name from the movement this exercise mimics. It looks like how a skater would move.

● Hold the position of a curtsy lunge. Bend both your knees a little and bring the right leg diagonally behind you. Bend your right arm while going down and straighten the left arm.

● To bring your right leg forward again, push your left leg. Now time to put the left leg diagonally behind you and repeat the same with opposite arms.

● To make it more intense, jump while you are moving to the side.

Jumping Jacks

● Want a workout that activates your entire body? Jumping jacks is the classic one. It’s easy to do and pumps up your heart.

● Be in a standing position with legs together and arms stuck to the sides.

● Bend your knees forward and jump as high as you can. While going up, spread your legs wider than the width of your shoulder and lift your arms above your head.

● Come back to the starting position and repeat.

Standing Alternating Toe Touches

This exercise is full-body cardio, concentrating on your arms, core, and legs.

● Stand in a position so that your feet are shoulder-width apart and keep your arms to the sides. Engage your core.

● Now lift your left leg straight up and try to touch your right toe simultaneously. Come back to the starting position and repeat with the other sides.

Box Jump

Anyone looking to shape your butt, thighs, calves, and shins, this is the exercise to practice.

● You will need a box or high platform for this. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and keep your arms at the sides.

● Bend your knees and move your hips outwards to engage the core. Your back should remain flat. Now swing your arms up and jump onto the box in the same position.

● Jump back to get down of the box. Repeat.

Cardio allows you to tackle several deadly diseases. Heart attack is a common reason for death in the united states and cardio exercises are highly recommended to prevent that. The underlying causes that stop the circulation of blood such as high blood pressure and cholesterol can be maintained with regular exercises. Even diseases like diabetes require physical activity to be kept in check.

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The app also takes care of your nutrition requirements. It will set up a diet plan that coordinates with your workout. You can stay healthy by eating tasty with the delicious recipes this app serves. You get to enjoy working out from the comfort of your home and not pay expensive gym membership fees. It will guide you throughout the journey by keeping a check on your timings, calories you are burning, and recording your progress.

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