Why Does Blood Pressure Increase with Exercise

Why Does Blood Pressure Increase with Exercise?

In this world where everyone wants to stay fit, exercise has become the foremost thing. Every day we sweat out in gyms and fitness centers to gain the highest levels of fitness. In our opinion, we are on the right track. Aren’t we? But the dilemmas related to health and fitness are trying to stop us. They are a vital part of our life.

We need to accept this bitter truth. People working hard for their well-being also go through health-related glitches at times. And many of them have the same question, why does blood pressure increase during exercise. Although we can’t give a straight answer, we have to find out why this happens. Did you have any idea about this? Or are you here to know the same thing?

Let us try to know everything about this vital concept here:

How Does Exercise Affect Your Blood Pressure?

It may seem counterintuitive, but exercise can indeed affect your blood pressure. Exercise can raise your blood pressure when it is low. Conversely, exercise can lower your blood pressure when it is high.

But that doesn’t mean exercise isn’t safe for people with low or high blood pressure. However, one should speak to their doctor before getting started with an exercise regime.

On the other, we may be eager to know why systolic blood pressure increases during exercise. This is a different concept, but very much relatable to what we’re reading now. The exercise-related surge in blood pressure can be dangerous for those with uncontrolled and very high blood pressure. For people who have low blood pressure, the benefits and risks of exercise may vary by cause.

Knowing Why Does Blood Pressure Increase with Exercise

So far we have understood how exercise affects blood pressure. But it’s time to find out why does blood pressure increase with exercise. Our muscles require a bit of extra oxygen when we do exercises. This requirement is more than what we need while lying on a bed. So, this process leads us to breathe much faster than we do in regular life.

All this excites our heart to pump a little harder and quicker to flow the blood to deliver oxygen to the muscles. Consequently, systolic blood pressure increases. This may also be the reason why does your blood pressure increase during exercise.

How Normal Is Low or High Blood Pressure After a Workout?

Some of us may be eager to know what blood pressure is normal after the workout. Do you have the same thing in mind? So, it is very important to go through this concept as well. There are mainly two types of blood pressure readings. First diastolic blood pressure and second systolic blood pressure!

Medics usually write down the systolic blood pressure before writing the diastolic blood pressure. A reading less than 120 is normal for your systolic blood pressure. A reading of less than 80 is normal for diastolic blood pressure. Our age can be a critical factor that may lead our blood pressure to rise. So, we should always consult our medics before starting doing exercises. Thus, now we have cleared out why blood pressure rises during exercise.

Can You Get Low Blood Pressure After a Workout?

People whose blood pressure is usually elevated or normal may experience a decrease in blood pressure. This can happen right after exercising. If we know why does blood pressure change during exercise, it may help us prevent some risks.

We should know that it is never easy to identify if we have low blood pressure after doing exercise. But some symptoms can help us determine if we experience low blood pressure. So, here are some signs we may experience:

Unusual tiredness
Concentration problems
Nausea and fainting
A little extra blurry vision
Having pale skin
Symptoms of cold

If you experience any of these signs, make sure you will visit your doctor instantly. Your medics may give better recommendations about the same issue. So, don’t be in a rush and take your time to start doing exercises.

Safety Tips for Exercising with Fluctuating Blood Pressure

Now we may have learned how exercising affects blood pressure. In addition, we have determined what causes the fluctuation in blood pressure post the workout. But there is still a question we could have in our minds.

This is about if there are any safety measurements we can take up and continue doing exercises. We can get some help from the best workout app for android. But the suggestions of your medics matter the most. If your doctor allows you to do exercise, then use the below-listed tips to improve your workout time:

Have a short meeting with your doctor and trainer. That way, you can get a better idea of ​​what they both think.
Warm-up is a must before exercise. Also, do not forget to cool down your body after a workout.
Don’t force your body and pace yourself accordingly.
Avoid doing exercises that require your body to change position.
Again, talk to your doctor if you are going to lift heavyweights in the gym.

These are some of the safety measures that can help you perform exercises with more control. Also, we can use any recommended fitness app for iPhone to get more tips.

Make sure to follow these measures only after consulting your doctor. Don’t be discouraged if you have high or low blood pressure. Always believe that we can do anything. Be focused on goals and take a step every day with patience to find your ultimate destination.

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